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Servos, What Are They?


In the world today addiction to gadgets is common and addicts are getting younger and younger. In the world of consumerism having possession of of the latest item is a status symbol. One aspect of technology which is entering consumer products is robotics and its various components. Although robots in industry continue to be expensive consumer robotics are getting cheaper and correspondingly the relating components follow the same pattern. Unfortunately some components of robotics continue to be costly and folk becoming involved in robotics as a hobby needs to be careful and educate themselves as much as possible to avoid expensive mistakes. One component commonly associated with robotics are servo motors but what are they?

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Introduction to Electricity

02 August, 06:00, by Aaron Tags: , ,
basic electrical circuit

We all use electricity every day. From the moment our electric clock wakes us up in the morning until we turn the light off for bed at night. It has become so common place, that we take it for granted. I am going to discuss the various parts of an electrical circuit and what happens when […]

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