Anybots Bring the Remote Location to You

Anybots robotA new startup company Anybots has used a basic robot design to create a new use for robots. Have you ever wanted to visit another location but for whatever reason, you just couldn’t get there? The Anybots robot marketed as robocommuting. It allows a person to control the robot from anywhere in the world to do things like attend conference meetings in another office.

The robot is designed to be controlled remotely and for people near it to interact with the robot like they would interact with a person.

Checkout this video from Anybots:

As I was reading their press release, I thought why stop at telecommuting? I remember when I was a kid, my brother was stuck in the hospital for a month or so. My mom had to stop by the school and get his assignments and bring them to him. If she had not done that, I am sure he would have had to repeat that grade the next year. Using something like the Anybot design, he could have not only done his assignments, but interacted with his teacher and students.

The Anybots robot costs $15,000.  That takes it out of reach for most people which is why the company is focusing on businesses. I see a market for other more inexpensive robot designs to take on the consumer market. All that needs to happen is take an inexpensive robot design, add a webcam and some type of wireless connection.

I had mention before that the kids and I are in the process of deigning our next robot as a tank. We have given it the code name Jerico.  Jerico is at the planing phase, but we already decided we wanted to be able to control is remotely from a laptop and see where it is going from a webcam.  I think we will add a feature to bring the webcam to eye level with people walking and add a speaker to interact with anyone near the robot.


Create a robot design on paper, an drawing, or a video of something you actually made. I want to see if we can create something that does what Anybots is doing for under $1,000. Post a link to your designs in the comments.  I will get Andrew to draw up our ideas and post them too. I hope to work off everyone’s ideas and design a MAD Robotics version.


  • Webcam
  • Remote control from another computer
  • Sound to talk to people from the remote computer
  • Ability to fit through standard door openings
  • Keep the parts under $1,000

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