Snap Circuits Kits Electronics Learning as Easy as Legos

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100It finally arrived, the Snap Circuits Jr. kit I ordered.  It teaches kids the basics of electricity and is really fun. I was searching around for kits, and never imagined I would find something like this. When I was a kid, my dad bought an electronics kit from Radio Shack, but we never really understood what we were doing. There were a ton of wires, lights and other components that really made no sense to me. This Snap Circuits kit is completely different.  It snaps together like Lego blocks, and the instructions are large full color examples.

When I got home from work today, It was sitting on my front porch. The kids were off at piano / parkour practice. I was a good dad and didn’t even open the box before they got home. When they came in, I said “our kit came!” The looks on their faces reminded me that I had never even told them I ordered it…oops.

The boys spent no time at all clearing a space on the dining room floor and grabbing the instruction book out of the box.  We did the first 2 projects in about 2 minutes.  The first project was adding a light and a switch. If you don’t have a basic understanding of electricity, take a minute to read my Introduction to Electricity post. Don’t worry, we will wait…

Ok, glad you made it back. The boys took the batteries out of their Wii Mote and as Genesis Chapter 1 tells us, “…there was light.”  I took a few minutes to recap about electrons flowing from the negative side of the batteries, through the switch and into the light bulb. Daniel (7) didn’t really care what I was saying…for heaven sakes, there was a light shining on the board. He didn’t have time to talk about electrons. Andrew (9) looked like he kind of understood the concept of the flow of electricity, and when his brother Mike (12) explained how the switch could stop the flow the switch in Andrew’s head really kicked on.

The next project involved a motor and a helicopter blade. What is cooler than that? I will tell you, a voice activated music player! Well keep your eyes out for cool projects the kids build with this thing. You would think I bought them a new toy they are so excited to mess with this kit tomorrow. This is a homeschool father’s dream.

Here are some quick pictures I took with my phone, sorry about the quality. Also, a special thanks to Mike for taking charge of reading the instructions to the little ones. You are such a great big brother.

Snap Circuits Jr. unboxing

Unboxing of the Snap Circuits Jr.

Snap Circuits Jr. parts

Andrew and Daniel with some Snap Circuits parts to make their first creation on their own.

Andrew starting the circuit

Here is Andrew starting the build

Daniel doing his part on the Snap Circuits project

Here is Daniel doing his part. Notice the piano letters on his fingers 🙂

Snap Circuits project completed

Here is the final product of their work. The red light lights up when the clear sensor above it sees light. The flash on my camera was all it needed, the red light is on.

Snap Circuits project with the light off

I took one without the flash, so you can see the red light is off.

Snap Circuits light and switch

Andrew thought he wanted a switch instead of the light sensor. It was as easy as taking the sensor out and snapping the switch in.

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  1. andrew says:

    Yeah dad this was a lot of fun can we do another on friday.

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